Are you living with a Narcissist?

IMGP4864Well, you know they are self-centred, but is it pathologic? The difference between a really arrogant person and an actual narcissist is that the narcissist does not actually care about you. This is a very serious difference because if they do not feel the same way about you, your needs and priorities will never be theirs.

Most narcissists have very particular traits. They usually do not want to be alone at any time and they surround themselves with people that they feel superior to. Friendships always serve them. They usually need to be ‘preoccupied’ with something. Channel surfing on its own is not necessarily an indicator, but what about when they aren’t in front of the television or a computer? Do they need to be occupied doing something all of the time? They never want to be alone.

A serious sign that they are a narcissist is that they can lie easily and without all of the normal nervousness. They will lie about things for no reason and this might be leaving you with the feeling that you are forgetful, losing your mind or confused.

Narcissists never think that they are responsible for anything. Everything that goes wrong is someone else’s fault. They usually have one or several enemies that they blame for their problems. If you are currently in their favour, it will not be you–yet. But, if your usefulness declines or you become too independent you will no longer be held in high esteem and you will become the target.

The confusing thing about being with a narcissist is that they can be kind and thoughtful, especially when they want something. But, when it comes down to you or them–they always win. They simply have nothing to lose because they are not as emotionally involved as you are.

If the description above rings true, you may be living with a narcissist.

The Narcissist Survival Guide is now available.

My book summarizing the facts about Narcissism.


 An insightful piece about how to identify a sociopath and protect yourself from them.

Protecting Yourself from the Narcissist

10 thoughts on “Are you living with a Narcissist?

    1. This was difficult for me to understand at the time. He said he loved me and then treated me he didn’t. What I didn’t know then was his need to win was greater than his capacity to love.


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