Happy New Year 2011

I know that I hardly contacted you over the summer. That’s likely to happen again. I have decided to be true to myself and even though I was hoping to get newsletters out about once a month, it would’ve been in conflict with how I wanted to spend the summer. As Martha Beck says, “You have to live it to give it!” I wanted to sit by the pool and read magazines, swim and walk the dog. I did not feel like writing many newsletters so I didn’t. But anyhow, I’m back. I hope that you enjoyed your summer.

How did you feel when you read the above paragraph? Did it make you question my dedication to this business? Did you think unkind thoughts about my drive or motivation? Did you hear yourself disagreeing with me or judging me for being so open and honest about how I wanted to spend my time? Interesting….

If what I wrote made you uncomfortable, or if you found yourself answering yes to any of the above questions I want you to stop and ask yourself why. We have all been raised in a very competitive society. Many of us see our self worth in terms of how much “stuff” that we have. Admitting that I found joy, not in promoting myself but rather, in indulging myself, may seem antithetical to running a business, but my business is about finding your right life.

My purpose is to help as many people as possible learn to enjoy their lives. By saying something that is considered almost politically incorrect, I hope to have helped you identify your biases, to see the thoughts that you may still believe that may not be serving you anymore.

Life is about living. It is not a race to the finish line. There is no one handing out stars for the person that was the most selfless, for the one that got the least amount of sleep or for the person that has the most stuff when they die. It is about now. Being here now and enjoying what is in front of us, at this moment.

September is the true beginning of my New Year. I know that the year on the calendar changes on December 31, but my life always changes in September. The summer is coming to a close and leisure time shifts from outdoor to indoor activities. Schedules get determined. School starts and all of the programs begin, including one of mine. This is the time in the year to really set the pattern that you’d like to see until the spring.

So how are you going to enjoy your life more? What do you want to do today that would be self-indulgent? Things are about to get busy again, so remember that you are the most important person in your life and it up to you to find time for yourself.

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