My Next Adventure

The BonsaiI had one of those defining moments today. I felt a hesitation as I pushed the “return” button to submit my book for publication. My book seemed to spring from nowhere and suddenly, seven months later it was out. Now on to my next project.

This may seem sudden, but as I practise what I preach, inspiration seems to be flooding over me and encouraging me to indulge in those things that bring me joy. As a Coneiya (ko-NEY-yuh) practitioner, I teach connection to ourselves, our bodies and our oneness. This connection brings me in line with what I am passionate about and thinking about going on this adventure is one of those things.

One Saturday morning almost twenty years ago I was sitting in the kitchen with a coffee and a plate of fruit reading an essay by a man that had walked the Camino de Santiago Trail in Spain. He explained that he made a huge amount of money at his job, but he hated what he was doing. He took the trip to clear his mind, get a new perspective and decide what he was going to do next. What struck me about his essay was that he came away not knowing what his religion was. I found this fascinating. A seed was planted.

After decades of being a caregiver to young, and then older, children I crave a time and place that I can worry only about myself. A chance to reconnect with who I am when I am not worried about the others in my life. A way to get to know myself again. I love to be out in nature and the feeling that comes with the self-sufficiency necessary to venture into the unknown.

When I think about going on this adventure I get this golden yellow sensation all over my body. It is difficult to describe but it is as though my skin is happy. The sensation emanates from a deeper place in my core and radiates out. Passion of this nature encourages you to enjoy as much as you can while you are on this planet.

I have seen many, many photos taken of the beautiful countryside and I dream of being in this scenic environment. I have pictured strolling along this trail, with the sun shinning and the wind blowing. What never occurred to me was that people stop to take photos only under certain conditions. These conditions usually include things like a nice view, a vista or open space.

Needless to say, I was surprised to find out that the trail goes through mountainous areas. Jane Christmas’s book provided insight and reality to my dreams of going for a long walk across Spain. She describes the grueling climb up the Pyrenees and the minimalist refugios, or hostels. This did not dissuade me but refocused my energy towards preparing for the journey.

There is nothing like inspiration to motivate you to do new things, learn new things and explore new ideas. So, here I go. I’m learning Spanish, increasing my walking, discussing maps; walking sticks and hiking boots and things are good.

In order to get to a place where you are this inspired, you need to reconnect with yourself. This can be done by taking at least fifteen minutes a day to do nothing. Doing nothing may seem impossible, or unproductive, but it is time well spent. I detail how to do this in my blog, “A Good Reason to Make Meditation a Part of Your Life.” Take some time today to listen to your heart and see what it is saying. What would you do if you could just go ahead and do it?

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