IMG_2325Pilgrims are dropping like flies. The stretch of the Camino that precedes Leon is a long straight path that runs beside the highway. The heat, sun and monotonous flatness is seen by some as meditative.

The cold reality (or hot!) is that a couple of people have been hospitalized for heat stroke, many more have suffered headaches and illness and some have chosen public transport.

There is little to see on this piece of the Camino that can take several days to cross on foot. No one said that it would be easy.

100 KM Loop

Changing Landscapes of the Camino  


The Camino Walk

Another Night on the Camino

Magic on the Camino

Hiking Poles for the Camino 

Camino de Santiago

4 thoughts on “Meseta

  1. Hi Wendy,

    I am thinking in doing El Camino, but sitll not decided whether French, North, Primitive or Portuguish way. What intrigues me the most, and deter me the most, is that I have been gathering comments like crumbs left in different forums that El Camino (apparently all comments point to the French Way) seems to run at least 50% along, besides major highways.
    That does not really have much pleasure, charm for me. May be others may take it as part of the pilgrimage, the ways of life, whatsoever, but for me, thanks but no thanks.
    Would be possible for you to give me a rough estimate of the total distance you actually walked beside highways? Say 50% of the whole way, 30%, 80%?…Of course, it would help me to know which way you walked.

    Thanks beforehand,



    1. It was a lot of the way. Once you get to the Meseta it looks easier because it is flat, but it is beside the highway.

      Unfortunately, my experience is the French route as well, so I have no insights about the other routes.

      It is a great experience. Don’t let this dissuade you.


      1. Thanks for the reply. I think your comment kind of confirm my hunch that the first half, roughly till Leon, is off highway in general. But past Leon, where the Meseta roughly starts, it’s all highway.


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