Parking Fairy

IMGP6197The ‘parking fairy’, is how my friend refers to it. This takes the discussion out of the realm of “is it real?” and puts it right into fairyland. So, even though she trivializes the experience, she has recognized it and named it. This is how it works. When she enters a busy parking lot, she pictures herself getting a good parking spot, in a good location. She usually does. Then she laughs that the ‘parking fairy’ is working on her behalf.

I would argue that she has tapped into what can affectionately be called the law of attraction or manifestation. The theory goes like this: you picture what you want and it comes into your life.

According to physics, things do not exist in the form that we know them until they are seen. Like Schrödinger’s cat. The idea is that the cat is both “dead” and “alive” simultaneously because in the experiment there is no way to know if the cat is alive or dead until the box is opened and the cat is seen.

All this is to say that we have an impact on the world around us. How we see our lives, what types of energy we draw in and what happens may be more within our control than we have previously believed.

Perhaps, it is as simple as just being relaxed and knowing that the ‘parking fairy’ will open up a good spot near the door.

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