Narcissist Survival Guide

Narcissist_frontcoverTruth be told, I wrote, “The Narcissist Survival Guide” and in the process, a huge amount of insight and understanding descended upon me. Several friends sent me feedback about the various deficiencies, strengths and weaknesses. I was forced to investigate areas that I had never considered and quite frankly, new information surfaced.

So with my conscience screaming at me I had no choice but to add the new information to my book and correct the errors that had been pointed out. All of this blither blather is to let you know that I republished my book.

This was not a small change. I added 50 pages to an 87 page book. I have included an intro to the book and to the sections. I have added nine exercises and many more insights.

I promised myself after this third version that if I have the need to publish new information about narcissism, I’ll write another book, instead of updating this one. The various vendors for the book seem to be changing their prices on a regular basis, so I recommend that you look at all of them and find the best price.    A summary of where I know my book can be found is here  . Make sure you are looking at “version 3”. The final (I promise) edition of this book.

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