Signs and Premonitions

IMG_1157Signs have always played an important role in my life. Several years ago, I had a series of things happen all at once. I had a special coffee mug that was given to me as a gift. In addition to that it was the right size and shape. I love having my own mug. It brought warm feelings knowing that someone knew me well enough to buy just the right mug. I used it all of the time. Yes, I confess, I drink a lot of coffee. No one else used my mug. It was a significant part of my daily routine. It smashed, completely.

Also, I owned a large comfy chair, which was the subject of an earlier coincidence. The chair had been put outside on the curb, to be picked up by the garbage truck. This occurred when I moved into a new apartment years earlier. The cushion had been missing, but I did not have another chair so I brought the chair into the house with the intention of using a pillow as the cushion. Later the same evening, at a party, I met the woman who had thrown out the chair. I mentioned the chair and she said, “Would you like the cushion?” Of course I would. She dropped it off the next day.

The chair was perfect for feeding a baby, which I was doing several times a day, so it was very important to me. The arms of the chair were wide and I could set things on them and lean on them while supporting my daughter in my arms. A spring in the seat broke as I sat down. Now the chair was much lower and not as comfortable. Eventually, I needed to throw it out.

These two things broke within hours of each other. I realized this seemed to be a coincidence and as I was trying to make sense of losing two important things back to back, I went down into the kitchen, opened a cupboard and one of my favourite soup bowls fell out. It actually fell out of the cupboard and crashed onto the floor! I burst out into tears. I knew this had meaning, but I had no idea what it was.

Three things that could all be described as more important to me than to anyone else in my family. Things that I had had for a long time all broke within hours of each other. Soon after, I found out that my sister had died. It felt like the universe was warning me, preparing me somehow, or at the very least it was a massive coincidence I knew was important at the time, before I knew the significance.

This is happening again in my life. It is different, but there have been a few things that I use daily needed repair all at once. First, the pump on my pool started to make a strange loud noise and heat up. It is “working” but I do not want to use it in case it will make it worse or it catches on fire. Second, the interior of the roof on my car has come loose and it is unwise to put my roof down before getting it fixed. A piece broke off of my coffee maker and it will need to be repaired. I am managing the data on my iPhone because I got the 90% warning, for the first time in almost four years and the mouse on my computer is acting up.

None of these things are serious. They are all just a matter of maintenance, taking them in for service, paying attention to my data use…not life shattering. But, they all happened the same week. Being without my pool, data and car for a few days forced me to realize that this is another coincidence.

So what do these things have in common? First, they are somewhat status symbols. I don’t think of them that way, actually, but having a pool is not something that everyone can afford. Again, a convertible is a more expensive type of car and finally my coffee maker is a luxury model that makes espresso, cappuccino and will froth milk. An iPhone has become more commonplace, but it is still not a flip phone and my mouse is wireless and for my apple computer, which is undeniably the best computer (unless you like to program computers). I use these items daily. They are things that I’m grateful for and things that make my life better on a daily basis. They all need to be repaired or managed. I have no reason to believe that they are going to be lost, (knock on wood) like the example of my sister above.

In that instance, the mug and the bowl broke. This time, these things just need attention and to be fixed. So I am looking for a place in my life that something is important to me on a daily basis, could be seen as a type of status symbol, or at least quite valuable, are not necessary for life, but I am grateful for having. These things all need my attention. I am not sure what I should be considering. There is something that I am not paying attention to. It is a puzzle. It kind of freaks me out because if it is important enough for the universe to warn me, it must be very significant.

So I am looking around my life trying to figure out which aspect I should be examining. The problem with these puzzles is that they are usually obvious once they are solved. I know that I never would’ve guessed that my sister was about to die, and quite frankly, I could not have done anything about it. The truth is that I was “forewarned” and then I found out. I wonder what it is this time? I’ll let you know…

Signs and Premonitions — Two

Another Duck

One thought on “Signs and Premonitions

  1. Life signs are so mysterious to me. When I read this, I thought that the favorite things breaking helped to subdue the heart a bit so that it wouldn’t shatter with the news of your sister. I’m interested to see what these other signs point to…


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