Loneliness of Fall

photoThis morning loneliness descended over my backyard. I share my morning coffee, when the sky is still dark blue, right before dawn, with the creatures of the woods. The bullfrogs croak, the birds join a chorus and wildlife wanders in occasionally.

Today, quilt in lap, to guard against the chill, the silence was palpable. There was no bird song and not a sound from the pond. I realized that our unseasonably cold weather has already sent the songbirds on their way to warmer climes. A mallard duck broke the stillness of the sky, a reminder that not all of the migrating birds have left. But the melody of hundreds of songbirds was not present.

The trees still have most of their leaves, but they are shades of gold, green, red and yellow. It was beautiful, in the early morning light, but it is a reminder that it will soon be too cold to sit outside in the morning.

A single song began, with its familiar repeating, three part call. Then, a dove joined in and I was glad that I had some company at last. As summer leaves there is a sadness that comes with it. The loss of my backyard, at least as a place to have my morning coffee, is just around the corner. The promise of pristine yards covered with freshly fallen snow is not welcome yet; I hope we get an Indian Summer.

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