Beauty and Style

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had a friend visit. We communicate regularly about work and family things but it is usually a text or an email. Sometimes there will be a call, but we are not the type of friends that would talk on the phone for hours and discuss all of the minor and major changes in our lives.

She was in town, which is rare because she lives on the other side of the country, and she came over for drinks on the deck. She looked fabulous! Now let me explain. We are both professional women and in our offices, the dress is casual, non-conspicuous. I have often thought that I would shop in a men’s shop just to buy the right type of suit (I never did this) but it is the predominant type of clothing that everyone wears, so it made sense to buy something and add a nice blouse or a scarf or something to spruce it up a bit.

So, she shows up and she looks great. She looks just as she should. Her clothing is comfortable and fashionable looking and I am astonished at how nicely she is dressed. I mention it and she tells me about a website that has directed her on how to pull together a look. I am intrigued.

Well, let me tell you. It makes all of the difference in the world. I have largely ignored the world of fashion. All of the new looks and styles are lost on me. I am no longer 20 something and built for the runway fashions. I usually go into a store and see what I might wear and whether or not it fits and that is about it.

This fashion website is different. It takes you through an examination of your personality and says what type of clothing and colours would look best on a person with your natural way of being in the world. I knew that it had made all of the difference for my friend, so I started to examine the material.

A whole new style in how I dress and present myself seemed to be in order. As I age, the texture of my hair has gone from poker straight to unmanageable. Despite my best efforts to find a style that suits me, and is wash and wear, I have been finding that I simply could not find one. So, like the universe usually does, it provided a possible solution.

There is a funny feeling that comes over you when you feel like you have found something worthwhile. The site was filled with all kinds of real women in before and after photos. I had seen an example in real life and I was intrigued.

So this is my newest thing. I am slowly changing my look to better reflect who I am as a person and it is bringing joy into my life. I have never embraced how important it is to have a style of my own, beyond, clean and well groomed and it has been eye opening. Many of my friends and co-workers are amazed at how much better I look.

The most astonishing thing for me is how fun it is. Because you are looking for types of fabric, colours and cuts, rather than buying the latest fashions, it makes it possible to shop at the thrift stores and find high quality, gorgeous pieces that suit you. These are pieces that cost very little and yet enhance your look. Wow! The little girl that played dress up and put on makeup has been re-invited into my life. As the practise of Coneiya teaches us, embracing your entire self is important to your happiness and this little girl had been ignored for too long.


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