The Frustration with Snapchat

Caving into the insistence of my daughter, I have now opened a Snapchat account and I hate it.

This is not to say that the app does not work as it is supposed to or that I can’t figure out how to use it. OK, it took me a while! It is simply that it does not have the options that I want it to have.

My understanding is that it allows the user to take videos and photos and share them with friends without using up the memory on the phone. This is great and I applaud the innovation. However, what if you want to keep them?

For those of you that are not familiar with Snapchat, one of its features is that you can build a “story” by posting videos or photos. The story is assembled over 24 hours and as things reach 24 hours of age they are deleted from the “story”. Your friends can view the story.

In essence, by using videos, text and the drawing function you can illustrate your life and your experiences. Unlike Facebook where the photos are traditional in nature often with people posing, glasses raised and smiling; Snapchat captures more mundane moments like the view from where you are standing, a friend preparing a meal with flourish, a frog swimming in a pool.

These ten second videos construct a visual record of an average day (or a special day) but they come much closer to illustrating a typical day. What a treasure to have, for instance, September 12, 2015 in short video spurts!

So here is my frustration. After assembling a few “stories” that included videos of people I love and things I found interesting, I realized I have no record of the videos or the photographs. They are simply lost.

Yes, I recognize that people share videos they don’t want saved. But this can’t possibly apply to all of the videos that are shared. Would it be possible for Snapchat to allow the option to save the videos and let others save them?

The settings could be configured so that the creator of the “story” or video could decide whether or not it could be saved. Then the receiver could decide whether or not to save the video. I would enjoy having some of these “stories”. They are unique and tell a very real, personal story.


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