A Little Manifestation

IMG_1004If you ask someone what they want, the answer that you’ll most likely get is, “to win the lottery” or more to the point, money. The truth is that most people (I can’t speak for everyone, because there do seem to be some that believe that whoever has the most money when they die wins!) do not actually want money they want what money can do for them.

Money is seen as the route to freedom, security, nice things, a new pet turtle and possibly a lawn ornament. It is important, from a manifestation point of view that you focus on the lawn ornament, or whatever it is that you actually want, not the method to get it.

Bringing things into your life can be quite easy and straightforward. Some people use visualization, vision boards or requests during meditation. The reason that this type of exercise is used is because of the “vision” aspect. You want to connect with the part of you that actually desires what you want to bring into your life. It is the feeling, the knowing, the craving that you want to feel. Picturing something in your mind or creating it in a vision board goes a long way to helping you connect with this part of yourself.

The process that many people get tangled up in, is using the “logical” or left-brain part of the request. If you have to go through a series of statements to get what you want, it is unlikely that the law of attraction will be as successful. For instance, if I said that I wanted to win the lottery so that I could buy a new pet turtle, that is a series of thoughts. The way to manifest is to picture yourself holding the turtle and dressing it in the outfits that you have designed. Picture the lawn ornament scaring away the neighbour dogs and how much joy it would bring you.

There is a little exercise that you can try. The value of the exercise is that you do not get as invested in attracting the item that you are going to request as you might for some other, more important thing that you want to bring into your life.

Here is what you do:

1. Think of something that you never see in your life. This is something concrete that you want to see. It cannot be chosen in a way that it is “impossible” to see. We are looking for something improbable. Something that if you saw it you would be convinced that you are only seeing it because you tried this little exercise.

2. Accept the fact that you might see it in any context. For instance, you cannot specify that you must see the unicorn standing on your front lawn. If you decide on a pink envelope, you might see it at the store, on your desk, in a movie or a catalogue or anywhere else that you might see an object.

3. Write the object down on a piece of paper. Tell someone that you are trying this exercise and what you wrote down.

4. Determine what time frame would be suitable for your request. I would suggest that it not be too long or it has less meaning.

5. Forget about the request. Put the paper somewhere that you will encounter it in the future.

6. Let me know what happens.

How to make a vision board, based on the book Steering by Starlight. 

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