No Contact now Possible when Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

IMG_5929Narcissists need a receptacle for their anger. They need to direct their hate and animosity at someone. It is not enough for a narcissist to dislike you, they want to make you suffer. The only way to avoid being on this constant emotional roller coaster is to break off all contact. For those of you tired of the drama inherent in dealing with a narcissist, the best advice is NO CONTACT.

This is a major step for many individuals. If it was a romantic relationship, the first step is to stop having sex. Gradually, no face to face communication, then no telephone calls and the contact becomes less and less personal. Get an answering machine, block them on Facebook, direct their emails to a specific folder to be opened on your terms and stop responding to texts, or block the texts altogether.

This advice falls short when a relationship must be maintained for a co-parenting agreement. It is impossible to avoid all communication if you have children with your narcissist ex. Now there is hope! There is a website designed perfectly for this situation.

This portal provides the tools necessary for the exchange of information, scheduling and the communication that is required when there are two people, that no longer like each other, trying to co-ordinate parenting responsibilities.

Its features are amazing. It is possible to record everything that is said on this website. It is also possible to give lawyers and other caregivers full access. This means that any verbal assaults will be recorded. It also means that you can stream line your encounters to one place. No more middle of the night calls, texts while at work or unwanted comments on social media. It becomes possible to block them completely. Add in an individual that physically moves the children between homes and you are scott-free!

The website I’m referring to (there may be others) is “Our Family Wizard“. Sign up with your ex and start garnering the benefits of a true no contact situation.

The Narcissist Survival Guide is now available

4 thoughts on “No Contact now Possible when Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

  1. Caveat, aka word of caution. No expert but 27 years living with a sadistic narcissist.
    In my experience, covert malignant narcissists will fly under the radar on these sites. Their communications will be sly &coded, with the appearance of reasonableness &full of “I’m the real victim” language. Much like dealings with them in the family court system. Maintaining appropriate boundaries very easily gets twisted into accusations of parental alienation, which most family judges absolutely hate. So be very careful.You know your x narc the best, so you will know instinctively if this will work for you. Trust your gut it led you out of danger in the first place!
    As hard as its been (excruciatingly mind altering- really, it requires intense retraining) minimal contact is a must with manipulative covert narcissists.


    1. The gold standard is no contact, but if you have no choice but to correspond with a narcissist, a site like this is still the best. If you can restrict your communication to this site ONLY, then everything is recorded. Yes, I agree words will be chosen specifically for the “double meaning” that is often implanted, but there is nothing you can do about that. Be clear, be factual and only say what is necessary to manage the children and these types of sites will be your friend. Never let the narcissist bait you by pushing your buttons, because these sites can be read by everyone, so be careful.


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