My Site is NOT back up

Wow! What a terrible couple of days. I renewed my URL, with Sibername for a really long time and I am regretting it in a way that I can’t explain politely. Yes, a Canadian company, Sibername, who allegedly manages URLs.sibername-facebook-cover2

The whole problem began with my requirement to have a new email address. This is not interesting, so let me just say that two emails are allegedly included with the cost of having my URL with this company.

After almost three weeks of watching their YouTube Videos, which by the way, did not address my problem, I tried calling their “24/7” helpline, which of course, is never answered. I know, jokes on me.

Anyhow, this one sales guy from the company sends me regular emails so I called his phone number. True confession here, after he tried to send me to the “help line”, which is never answered, I lost it. I know, I should be polite. Who am I to get angry after multiple emails, “live chat” conversations and a help line that is never answered? I should always remain calm. But, truth is, I did not.

For three weeks, admittedly only 1-2 hours of effort at a time, I do have a life outside of managing my website, so this might not apply to those of you who can spend your entire day trying to get your website back on-line, this guy “helps me” passive-aggressively.

So his help consisted of me being able to set up my “free” emails. Of course what he didn’t mention at the time was that his help took my entire website off-line.

OK, so I noticed, did what was necessary to bring my site back on-line after four days of being down and now suddenly, it is down again. I have contacted WordPress, who hosts my site, and they have told me, surprisingly, the problem is with Sibername. Go figure….

So, it has now been over a month of trying to resolve the problem. I have watched multiple YouTube videos — their help videos, none of which solved my problem. I got my website up, and suddenly it went down again.

It hurts me as a Canadian that I cannot support this Canadian company, but lets face it, most of the people on the help line do not have a good grasp of English, so my guess is that they are either French (wrong accent) or from another country completely, which means this “Canadian Company” is not employing Canadians anyhow.

So for Google purposes, I would like to add: SIBERNAME, Sibername, sibername and of course, their logo, attached above.

Do not register or buy your URL from this company. They provide no customer support, and more importantly, they appear to have cut off my site because I lost patience with them. I’m not proud I lost patience with them. On the other hand, I did need service and nothing else seemed to work, so I was between a rock and a hard place.



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