Magic on the Camino

Suddenly my feet had no traction and I was beginning to fall. My hiking pole bent nearly ninety degrees and I almost went down when a young man from Turkey grabbed my arm and saved me from landing in the mud. Such is the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Whether it be the thousands of … Continue reading Magic on the Camino

Another Night on the Camino

A kilometer, it turns out, is not a very good measure of a walk. It does not account for incline or decline, footing, stairs, wind, weather and unfortunately distance. On the Camino, one of the first things that you realize is that all distances are "as the bird flies" and do not take into consideration … Continue reading Another Night on the Camino

The Camino Walk

The Camino walk is characterized by a tightening of the legs and upper body in reaction to the pain generated from moving your legs and putting weight on your feet. This cramped gait is the way that you can identify someone in town that has been walking on the Camino. Several towns have specialists that … Continue reading The Camino Walk


He opened the main doors to show me where the beds were in this particular albergue. The large open space had once been a garage, perhaps for farm equipment, and still sported two rectangular doors that could be rolled up and out of the way to let trucks in or out. Now, it was a … Continue reading Albergue?

Camino de Santiago

I am amazed at how many different aspects there are to the allure of the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain. Many religious figures and celebrities have travelled this route, across the top of Spain, and been buried along the way  -- the religious figures, not the celebrities. In addition to that, it was once … Continue reading Camino de Santiago

Hanlon Creek Trail 4 km

100 KM Loop Even though this piece of the trail is right in the middle of a subdivision it feels like it is deep in the woods. The path is on the edge of a large park and curves behind houses that back onto this green space. Despite the proximity to a neighbourhood it feels … Continue reading Hanlon Creek Trail 4 km

Hiking Poles for the Camino

Snapping my hiking pole into place and having the segments line up and become rock hard is only part of the thrill of using two poles. The rhythmic arm movements force you to twist across your abdomen using muscles that are not normally worked while walking and give a feeling of great power. The power … Continue reading Hiking Poles for the Camino

Silvercreek Trail 5.5 km

100 KM Loop This trail is surprising in how remote it feels. It runs between the Speed River and residential properties. It is so secluded it is not possible to see the properties that back onto it. Except for the path itself and numerous benches along the way, there does not seem to be any … Continue reading Silvercreek Trail 5.5 km

Speed River and Downtown Trail Guelph 6 km

100 KM Loop Guelph has many trails that have different purposes and destinations. My largest piece of advice walking through Guelph is to have a map of where you want to go. The entire trail system is called the Royal Recreational Trail (RRT). This should not be confused with a single trail that has a … Continue reading Speed River and Downtown Trail Guelph 6 km

Hawkesville to Wallenstein 5 km

100 KM Loop Entering the heart of Mennonite Country is like stepping into another century. There are indications that the modern day is upon us and yet the pace is decidedly slower. If you are looking for handmade quilts, custom made wood furniture, fresh baked goods or maple syrup, this is your destination. The Mennonites … Continue reading Hawkesville to Wallenstein 5 km