Spring a Reminder of Change

Today is the quintessential first day of spring. Not the calendar month or the day with the highest temperature, the first day of the season. It is no longer winter. There may yet be snow but the snow that is here is melting. There is a slow rhythm of the drips as winter washes away. … Continue reading Spring a Reminder of Change

Spring Morning

I needed both of the quilts that my daughters made for me in order to sit out back on the deck this morning. It is too cold otherwise. Spring brings that calm after the storm and promises that summer will soon burst from the buds. I love the changing of the seasons more than the seasons … Continue reading Spring Morning

Happy New Year — September is the real beginning…

This is the first day of school and it is still my New Year. I have started a new cycle each September for as long as I can remember. New Year's eve may mark the actual change in the calendar, but September changes my life. The days of summer are waning. My focus changes from … Continue reading Happy New Year — September is the real beginning…

Loneliness of Fall

This morning loneliness descended over my backyard. I share my morning coffee, when the sky is still dark blue, right before dawn, with the creatures of the woods. The bullfrogs croak, the birds join a chorus and wildlife wanders in occasionally. Today, quilt in lap, to guard against the chill, the silence was palpable. There … Continue reading Loneliness of Fall

Winning the Game of Life

There was a poster demonstration for the summer students that stayed on campus to do research this summer. While attending the session two things became obvious. First, science has moved along so far, so fast, that I am way out of date. The second thing that I noticed is that I'm on the "other side" … Continue reading Winning the Game of Life

Only the Edges are Sharp — Chapter 1 (Beginning of Book)

I’m sitting at my new MacBook Pro looking out the bay window of my office, which faces exactly east. I can see into my front yard, which is in terrible need of water. It has been a gorgeous July if you like to swim and sun bathe, which I do, but a terrible one if … Continue reading Only the Edges are Sharp — Chapter 1 (Beginning of Book)


“At seventy miles an hour you don’t steer you just aim,” my father said to me, a really long time ago. I have to agree. Once you reach a certain speed you are no longer actually changing direction, it is more of just an adjustment to the direction, in very small increments. A very important … Continue reading Steering

Perpetual Motion — Chapter 1

We did not stay in the apartment in the house for very long. Soon, a townhouse where my mother wanted to live became available and we moved into it. It was a clean, two bedroom unit that was small but was so well designed that you could have privacy and space all at the same … Continue reading Perpetual Motion — Chapter 1

Oak Street — Chapter 1

That was the day that I moved out of Oak Street, but I was there, off and on for six years. These years saw me through public school and into my first year of high school. By grade 10 I was too far away to walk to high school, but from Oak Street, the high … Continue reading Oak Street — Chapter 1

Everything Changes — Chapter 1

The most discreet and defining change in my life was about to happen shortly. My mother was very socially conscious and living in a wartime home was simply not good enough. She wanted to be looked up to, envied and seen as having it all. With this in mind, my parents set out to buy … Continue reading Everything Changes — Chapter 1