What if We Chose to Be Here?

It seemed like a simple question, but the more I pondered it the more I recognized it was rewriting how I told my story. For years, I've said, "I think I chose to be here" and in a recent conversation with a friend, I turned it around and said, "What if we all chose to … Continue reading What if We Chose to Be Here?


In our fear based, sanitizer obsessed world, it is difficult to get your mind around the fact that we are exposed to each other's bacteria and viruses despite our best efforts. No amount of hand cleaning can change the fact that many bacteria and viruses float around in the air on dust or miniscule droplets … Continue reading Coneiya

Beauty and Style

I had a friend visit. We communicate regularly about work and family things but it is usually a text or an email. Sometimes there will be a call, but we are not the type of friends that would talk on the phone for hours and discuss all of the minor and major changes in our … Continue reading Beauty and Style

Stranger than Fiction

Stranger than Fiction" a movie I rewatched recently on Crackle because I enjoy the messages in it. The movie takes a stab at determining if self-will or destiny reigns supreme. It asks, "How do you want to live your life?" Ultimately, it examines the relationship we have with ourselves and the world around us. As … Continue reading Stranger than Fiction

Nailpolish is a Gateway Makeup

Turns out that nail polish was a gateway makeup for me. I have enjoyed trying out new colours, new textures and new finishes so much that I realized that it was a part of me that I wanted to expand. Then came the rest of the make up. Doing my face, hair, jewelry, nails and … Continue reading Nailpolish is a Gateway Makeup

Respecting Body Signals

Like Pavlov's Dog I immediately began to drool when I received the notice for the annual HK5K in my inbox yesterday. Immediately I began to plan my training schedule and start to think about how much work I would need to do and when I would have to make a commitment to doing the work. … Continue reading Respecting Body Signals

My Next Adventure

I had one of those defining moments today. I felt a hesitation as I pushed the "return" button to submit my book for publication. My book seemed to spring from nowhere and suddenly, seven months later it was out. Now on to my next project. This may seem sudden, but as I practise what I … Continue reading My Next Adventure