What if We Chose to Be Here?

It seemed like a simple question, but the more I pondered it the more I recognized it was rewriting how I told my story. For years, I've said, "I think I chose to be here" and in a recent conversation with a friend, I turned it around and said, "What if we all chose to … Continue reading What if We Chose to Be Here?

Magic on the Camino

Suddenly my feet had no traction and I was beginning to fall. My hiking pole bent nearly ninety degrees and I almost went down when a young man from Turkey grabbed my arm and saved me from landing in the mud. Such is the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Whether it be the thousands of … Continue reading Magic on the Camino

Spring a Reminder of Change

Today is the quintessential first day of spring. Not the calendar month or the day with the highest temperature, the first day of the season. It is no longer winter. There may yet be snow but the snow that is here is melting. There is a slow rhythm of the drips as winter washes away. … Continue reading Spring a Reminder of Change

A Little Manifestation

If you ask someone what they want, the answer that you'll most likely get is, "to win the lottery" or more to the point, money. The truth is that most people (I can't speak for everyone, because there do seem to be some that believe that whoever has the most money when they die wins!) … Continue reading A Little Manifestation

Happy New Year — September is the real beginning…

This is the first day of school and it is still my New Year. I have started a new cycle each September for as long as I can remember. New Year's eve may mark the actual change in the calendar, but September changes my life. The days of summer are waning. My focus changes from … Continue reading Happy New Year — September is the real beginning…

Another Duck

My personal phone rang at work. I seldom receive calls, on my cell, but I was due for a break, so I answered it. Work had been hectic. I was doing a new file and that means that I was on a steep learning curve. We are currently short staffed with people away for personal … Continue reading Another Duck

Just Say No — Chapter 3

I can’t possibly keep referring to this guy as the “guy” so lets call him Bob. That is not his real name but we will all know whom I am talking about. Bob finished up his degree and I still had a few years before I would finish my vet degree, so he decided to stick … Continue reading Just Say No — Chapter 3

Signs and Premonitions — Two

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece on signs and premonitions and I wondered what I was supposed to be paying attention to. Each item needed to be "repaired or managed", none was that serious but they all were close and personal aspects of my everyday life. I also stated that they were … Continue reading Signs and Premonitions — Two

Signs and Premonitions

Signs have always played an important role in my life. Several years ago, I had a series of things happen all at once. I had a special coffee mug that was given to me as a gift. In addition to that it was the right size and shape. I love having my own mug. It … Continue reading Signs and Premonitions

Admission — Chapter 2

The only thing that still remained unresolved was my application for veterinary medicine. In order to apply to veterinary medicine there were several things that you had to complete. First, you had to fill out the paperwork and sign a release saying that they could access your marks. Then, you had to write an essay … Continue reading Admission — Chapter 2