I have two streams to my life coaching. I work with individuals who are entwined or have been entwined with a narcissist. I also work with highly successful individuals who are not happy and don’t know why. If you see yourself in either of these situations, I may be able to help you.

 My Services as a Life Coach

One on One Coaching 

One on one coaching is essentially two people having a conversation. I work with healthy people who are unhappy, unfulfilled or simply stuck. I help you understand where you are now and how to improve your life.

One of my specialities is narcissism. My life has been steeped in narcissists so I came by my knowledge the hard way. I have also read extensively, written about this topic and coached many individuals through the quagmire that is narcissism. I have guided people through conflicts with bosses, neighbours, co-workers, family members and intimate partners.

When we have a coaching appointment set up, I call you on the phone. I do my coaching exclusively over the telephone. Location is not a factor, although time zones can complicate things sometimes. Most appointments are 50 minutes long, but if we are in the middle of something, I may go slightly over time.

Through conversations, we examine the parts of your life that are not the way you would like them to be. Some of the methods I use include dream analysis thought deconstruction and metaphors. I can also take you through the basics of meditation, relaxation and manifestation.

The sessions are yours so you get to decide how you want to spend the time. As a Coneiya practitioner, my goal is to reconnect you with yourself, your body and your oneness. That is the path to true happiness and fulfilment.


From time to time I offer teleconferences that are open to various numbers of callers depending on the structure of the course, the length of the course and how many callers can be accommodated. These courses tend to be less intimate and less intense because multiple individuals are on the call. Teleconferences are a good way to get a taste of coaching, connect with some individuals that are sharing similar experiences and work on a group of related issues.

In general, longer courses, allow individuals to go deeper into issues, have fewer participants so that people feel free to share, whereas simple one or two-hour courses have unlimited spots available.

Teleconferences are set up over conference call lines and participants call into these. Often, these calls are recorded so that participants can review the call. I would never record a call without everyone agreeing to the recording and knowing that they were being recorded in advance.