Protecting Yourself from the Narcissist

Flowers, dinner and romance....nothing quite sets the tone like being pursued. Engagement, passion, abandonment. What? Is anything as lonely, isolating or unravelling, as being dropped like a hot potato? Did he actually get up and call the office right away? Is this really happening? He didn't even pull on pants. One of the hallmarks of … Continue reading Protecting Yourself from the Narcissist

Narcissism–Scenes From the Front Line — The Drive

We were in a hurry. We had a lunch to attend. It wasn’t so much that time was tight as the fact that he was the one that called the shots. If he was going to get the most out of his day, doing anything for someone else was always inconvenient. We were on the … Continue reading Narcissism–Scenes From the Front Line — The Drive

Leaving the Narcissist

Should I stay or should I go? This is not an easy question for those of you living with a narcissist. True to their nature, these people are able to woo you the way you like it best, so it is difficult to move away. They are exceptional at knowing how to make you feel … Continue reading Leaving the Narcissist