A Little Manifestation

If you ask someone what they want, the answer that you'll most likely get is, "to win the lottery" or more to the point, money. The truth is that most people (I can't speak for everyone, because there do seem to be some that believe that whoever has the most money when they die wins!) … Continue reading A Little Manifestation

Parking Fairy

The 'parking fairy', is how my friend refers to it. This takes the discussion out of the realm of "is it real?" and puts it right into fairyland. So, even though she trivializes the experience, she has recognized it and named it. This is how it works. When she enters a busy parking lot, she … Continue reading Parking Fairy

Two and a Half Men

I sat down in the family room to watch television and noticed that "Two and a Half Men" was on. I flipped to that station so that I could have it on in the background while I checked the listings to see what else was on. It was the episode of "Two and a Half … Continue reading Two and a Half Men