The Confusion of Spotting a Narcissist

"I'm sorry I was late, I was waiting for you to call. You said that you would call me when you wanted to be picked up." This sentence sounds plausible, and to a normal person that might not be 100% sure that they are right all of the time; it would work as an explanation … Continue reading The Confusion of Spotting a Narcissist

Protecting Yourself from the Narcissist

Flowers, dinner and romance....nothing quite sets the tone like being pursued. Engagement, passion, abandonment. What? Is anything as lonely, isolating or unravelling, as being dropped like a hot potato? Did he actually get up and call the office right away? Is this really happening? He didn't even pull on pants. One of the hallmarks of … Continue reading Protecting Yourself from the Narcissist

The Narcissist Survival Guide

Do you feel like you are becoming forgetful? Do you feel like you may be losing your mind? Are you confused about what is going on? You may have a narcissist in your life... The word narcissism is being bandied about like a trend right now and it is getting confusing for those of us … Continue reading The Narcissist Survival Guide