A Narcissist on “The Good Wife”?

He is gorgeous, swarthy and confident. Jason, the new investigator on the series, "The Good Wife" swept in at the beginning of the season and has become the "bad boy" of the show. He flagrantly lies, has been disbarred for punching a judge and he is using his sex appeal to blind Alicia to his … Continue reading A Narcissist on “The Good Wife”?

Narcissism Navigated — Top 21 Narcissism Posts

Whether you are dating a narcissist, want to leave one, think you might have one in your life, want to know how to spot one or protect yourself from one, I have probably written a blog or a book about it. Here is a summary of the most informative posts that I have on this site. … Continue reading Narcissism Navigated — Top 21 Narcissism Posts

Baby Number Three — Chapter 4

II was receiving cheques from the government. They had started to come again after my work at the emergency clinic, but they were about to run out. I had been applying to jobs and despite Bob’s insistence that I work; he was actively interfering with this process. One company called to set up an interview. … Continue reading Baby Number Three — Chapter 4

Does Taking a Selfie Make You a Narcissist?

With our new obsession with selfies and the fact that everything seems to orbit around ourselves the concept of arrogance or being self-centered has reached new heights. Another development is to use the words arrogance and narcissism interchangeably. I get it; it has become the common lexicon to call someone a narcissist, because it is … Continue reading Does Taking a Selfie Make You a Narcissist?

Black Birds — Chapter 5

It is Friday morning. I am sitting in front of my 10,000 lux lamp because if I don't do this most mornings in the winter I start to get depressed and find it hard to wake up in the morning. They call this type of mild depression the "February Blues" because so many people get … Continue reading Black Birds — Chapter 5

Rainbows and Sunrises — Chapter 4

I can only say that I was enjoying myself. I loved this feeling of being a family, of having a gorgeous three year old daughter and a perfect newborn. We had a lot of family visit and we had friends come over. We were renovating the back of the kitchen that had been a mudroom. … Continue reading Rainbows and Sunrises — Chapter 4

Post Narcissism — Searching for Normal

One of the questions that I often get on my blog is, "How do you fully recover from a narcissist?" As I am currently in the process, I'll let you know what I have tried and what has brought relief, but I am not claiming that I am all of the way out of the … Continue reading Post Narcissism — Searching for Normal

10 Things You Need to Know About Narcissists

Regardless of your relationship with a narcissist, several patterns seem to ring true. 1. They don't care about you. This is the most hurtful of their traits but it is the most consistent. It can be confusing because they often "pretend" to care about you and this is one of the reasons that people stay … Continue reading 10 Things You Need to Know About Narcissists

Narcissist Survival Guide

Truth be told, I wrote, "The Narcissist Survival Guide" and in the process, a huge amount of insight and understanding descended upon me. Several friends sent me feedback about the various deficiencies, strengths and weaknesses. I was forced to investigate areas that I had never considered and quite frankly, new information surfaced. So with my … Continue reading Narcissist Survival Guide

Protecting Yourself from the Narcissist

Flowers, dinner and romance....nothing quite sets the tone like being pursued. Engagement, passion, abandonment. What? Is anything as lonely, isolating or unravelling, as being dropped like a hot potato? Did he actually get up and call the office right away? Is this really happening? He didn't even pull on pants. One of the hallmarks of … Continue reading Protecting Yourself from the Narcissist