Can Stress Be Good For You?

As our understanding of how stressful our lives have become expands, more and more people are talking about meditation, leisure, slowing down and living in the moment. It is generally believed stress can hurt you and you should take every opportunity to reduce it in your life. In a very two-dimensional way, this seems obvious. … Continue reading Can Stress Be Good For You?

Two and a Half Men

I sat down in the family room to watch television and noticed that "Two and a Half Men" was on. I flipped to that station so that I could have it on in the background while I checked the listings to see what else was on. It was the episode of "Two and a Half … Continue reading Two and a Half Men

Don’t forget to call home….

Remember to take it. I shouldn't have said that. I wonder what it will be like next year. And on and on it goes. There is a part of your brain that does nothing all day except generate words. This is similar to your digestive tract that spends its entire day processing food. You don't … Continue reading Don’t forget to call home….

Are Your Thoughts Making You Sick?

The placebo effect has long been recognized as a real phenomenon. When people believe that they are receiving something that is going to help them, it often helps them, even if what they receive is a sugar pill. This complicates drug trials because in order to show that a new drug is beneficial, drug companies … Continue reading Are Your Thoughts Making You Sick?