Begin With a Move — Chapter 4

It seems almost predictable that the first thing that Bob and I decided to do together was move. The house that I was living in was my home alone. Bob felt that if we were going to start a new life as a couple, we would need a home that was ours and not just … Continue reading Begin With a Move — Chapter 4

Investing in the Future — Chapter 3

The next year became a whirlwind of activity. I had my schooling to attend to, a wedding date set for June and we had started to look for rental properties. I had developed a passion over my lifetime for real estate. Planning a wedding was really not that important to me. Unlike many young girls, … Continue reading Investing in the Future — Chapter 3

Everything Changes — Chapter 1

The most discreet and defining change in my life was about to happen shortly. My mother was very socially conscious and living in a wartime home was simply not good enough. She wanted to be looked up to, envied and seen as having it all. With this in mind, my parents set out to buy … Continue reading Everything Changes — Chapter 1