The Only Thing Constant is Change — Chapter 1

I am in my office again. I just finished a pretty hard week at work. I was covering at least two desks, and three for a little while, which meant I had to constantly stay focused on the work. This is not normally necessary. There are definitely ebbs and flows of work and this was … Continue reading The Only Thing Constant is Change — Chapter 1

Everything Changes — Chapter 1

The most discreet and defining change in my life was about to happen shortly. My mother was very socially conscious and living in a wartime home was simply not good enough. She wanted to be looked up to, envied and seen as having it all. With this in mind, my parents set out to buy … Continue reading Everything Changes — Chapter 1

The Swing of Things — Chapter 1

I have moved back into my office. It is a Sunday morning and the Rose of Sharon in my yard has recently begun to bloom. The flowers out front are all associated with bushes or plants that need little or no care. I had stipulated this when I had the gardens done. I also said … Continue reading The Swing of Things — Chapter 1

Jumping to Conclusions — Chapter 1

The experiment with the razor was not a unique event in my life, and for that matter may be more representative of how I have conducted my life than I care to freely admit. I’ve moved now. I am now sitting on my back deck, which overlooks a public green space. In July, which it … Continue reading Jumping to Conclusions — Chapter 1