Baby Number Two — Chapter 4

Our new home had what could only be described as a professionally decorated nursery. The room had a soft pale beige, almost white, carpet with an oversized under padding. It had this luxurious feel when you walked across it and the added benefit of concealing any squeaky boards or any sound whatsoever. There were two … Continue reading Baby Number Two — Chapter 4

Early Labour — Chapter 4

A totally new experience for first time moms is Braxton Hicks contractions. Named after John Braxton Hicks who first described them in 1872, these non-painful contractions are the body’s way of training to prepare for the big day. My entire abdomen would tense up and get really hard to the touch and then relax. Sometimes … Continue reading Early Labour — Chapter 4

Midwives — Chapter 3

Midwifery was in that legal grey area back when I was making my decision. The medical community was arguing that it put women in danger because all of the advantages of being in the hospital were not available. The literature, all written by scientists that identified more with doctors than with midwives, was filled with … Continue reading Midwives — Chapter 3

Medical Literature — Chapter 3

Access to the medical research journals at the university was a blessing that I will be forever thankful for. As any new parents can attest to, once you become pregnant your focus shifts to things pregnancy and baby related. My first concern was with weight gain. I was gaining weight way faster than any of … Continue reading Medical Literature — Chapter 3