Beauty and Style

I had a friend visit. We communicate regularly about work and family things but it is usually a text or an email. Sometimes there will be a call, but we are not the type of friends that would talk on the phone for hours and discuss all of the minor and major changes in our … Continue reading Beauty and Style

The Perfume Radical

It turns out that nail polish may not have been my gateway makeup. I realized recently that I have worn perfume for a very long time. I feel undressed without it. I love the aroma surrounding me. I know others enjoy it because I often receive comments about how nice it smells. This simple accoutrement … Continue reading The Perfume Radical

Nailpolish is a Gateway Makeup

Turns out that nail polish was a gateway makeup for me. I have enjoyed trying out new colours, new textures and new finishes so much that I realized that it was a part of me that I wanted to expand. Then came the rest of the make up. Doing my face, hair, jewelry, nails and … Continue reading Nailpolish is a Gateway Makeup

Lighting Dictates Nailpolish

Everyone that seriously wears nail polish has discovered that it is not so much your outfit, it is the lighting that defines what shade you should wear. I noted at the liberal convention that the dark rooms, constructed to focus light on the stage with enough ambient light to get around safely; the dark glossy … Continue reading Lighting Dictates Nailpolish