The Narcissist Survival Guide

Do you feel like you are becoming forgetful? Do you feel like you may be losing your mind? Are you confused about what is going on? You may have a narcissist in your life... The word narcissism is being bandied about like a trend right now and it is getting confusing for those of us … Continue reading The Narcissist Survival Guide

My Sister Vicki — Chapter 4 text

My sister, Vicki, always seemed to have bad luck. She was hit by a gliding swing when she was young that left a great gash on her head and she broke her front middle tooth in an accident a couple of years after that. Vicki adored me. There is nothing quite as lovely as having … Continue reading My Sister Vicki — Chapter 4 text

My Father — Chapter 4

While I was pregnant with my second daughter my father had what we all thought was a stroke. He was unable to stand on his own and ended up in the hospital. The tests failed to confirm that it was a stroke and my understanding is that they came to the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis … Continue reading My Father — Chapter 4