Baby Number Three — Chapter 4

II was receiving cheques from the government. They had started to come again after my work at the emergency clinic, but they were about to run out. I had been applying to jobs and despite Bob’s insistence that I work; he was actively interfering with this process. One company called to set up an interview. … Continue reading Baby Number Three — Chapter 4

No Leg to Stand On — Chapter 3

What was initially a great job with a lot of accomplishments and room for me to contribute positively to how the calves were raised and their general care had disintegrated into a political battle with a pseudo-veterinarian. This man had been masquerading as the go-to man with health care issues even though he did not … Continue reading No Leg to Stand On — Chapter 3

Back To Work — Chapter 4

Now the pressure was on. I had no income, but I had a job. I could go back to the job whenever I “wanted,” so Bob was constantly explaining how much money we were wasting with me not back at work. He saw no value in me staying home with the girls. He knew that … Continue reading Back To Work — Chapter 4