No Leg to Stand On — Chapter 3

What was initially a great job with a lot of accomplishments and room for me to contribute positively to how the calves were raised and their general care had disintegrated into a political battle with a pseudo-veterinarian. This man had been masquerading as the go-to man with health care issues even though he did not … Continue reading No Leg to Stand On — Chapter 3

To Be Single, or Not To Be Single — Chapter 3

Being a single mom when I graduated restricted the jobs that I could take. It was almost impossible for me to take a regular veterinary job because you were required to be on call. How could I possibly leave in the middle of the night when I had a baby in the house and no … Continue reading To Be Single, or Not To Be Single — Chapter 3

Doctor — Chapter 2

The summer before, I had been living in my hometown. One of my best friends was living there as well as all of the people that I knew in town. I was dating a guy and my sister still lived there. I was close to many of the people that I worked in the restaurant … Continue reading Doctor — Chapter 2

Admission — Chapter 2

The only thing that still remained unresolved was my application for veterinary medicine. In order to apply to veterinary medicine there were several things that you had to complete. First, you had to fill out the paperwork and sign a release saying that they could access your marks. Then, you had to write an essay … Continue reading Admission — Chapter 2

Second Class Citizen — Chapter 2

After first year there was no thought given to returning to my home town. I had some friends there, but no place to stay. I needed to get a job that would help me get into veterinary medicine. Let me introduce the Farm Labour Pool. The Farm Labour Pool was a loosely arranged group that … Continue reading Second Class Citizen — Chapter 2

University — Chapter 2

University was my first experience with “salad days”, which denote happy, fun filled days with lots of salads. I always think of BBQ’s where you are asked to bring a salad and there is cole slaw, potato salad, and macaroni salad—all of the ones that are implicated in food outbreaks. I worked hard in university. … Continue reading University — Chapter 2

The Best Defense is a Good Offence — Chapter 4

It is so dark outside that I closed the blinds in my office. Otherwise, I would feel like everyone could see me and I couldn’t see them. It is early in the morning and this time of year the sun does not make any appreciable impact on the day until about seven a.m. I was … Continue reading The Best Defense is a Good Offence — Chapter 4

Crazy Stairs — Chapter 3

It is much colder out now. We are into the fall colours, but most of the trees still have their leaves. The temperature is supposed to be between 50 and 70 F over the next couple of weeks. I have left the pool open because next weekend is Thanksgiving. It is earlier in Canada because … Continue reading Crazy Stairs — Chapter 3