Creative Inspiration

IMG_0612In one of my favourite Ted Talks, Elizabeth Gilbert speaks about her elusive creative genius that she feels is part of her, but not quite her.

I have watched this brave video a couple of times because it is so “out there”. People do not talk about creative genius as something external to themselves or undefinable. The images of the tortured artist do not conjure up pictures of fairies or otherworldliness. Elizabeth feels that this explanation of creative insight, one where the genius is external to the artist, is just a likely as our current beliefs. She suggests that it is possibly less daunting because it does not assume that the individual, the artist, is a genius, or working alone but is inspired by something as yet undefined.

All of this is to say that I sat at my computer this morning to write and there was nothing there. There were no anecdotes, insights, understandings or interesting thoughts to share. There was no inspiration, creative genius or “faries” helping me write or giving me something insightful to ponder or explore. But, alas, sometimes there is no “help” and this is nothing to share.

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