Nailpolish is a Gateway Makeup

IMG_4079Turns out that nail polish was a gateway makeup for me. I have enjoyed trying out new colours, new textures and new finishes so much that I realized that it was a part of me that I wanted to expand. Then came the rest of the make up.

Doing my face, hair, jewelry, nails and clothing has become a diversion for me. It is easy to argue that there is not enough time, and I certainly would not want anyone to feel that they need to elevate this to the status of the mandatory work out, for instance, but it is an expression of who I am.

When I indulge in this rather unnecessary pursuit of the perfect outfit or a matching look I feel like I have reclaimed a part of myself. The little girl that cried when her mother said that the pretty dress was only for special occasions and that she could not wear it outside to play, is cheering. I have brought this piece of joy back into my life. A small, yet significant, practise of coneiya, reclaiming a part of myself that was lost and becoming more fully whole.

Creating an outfit, a look, is a form of artistic expression. I need to dress each day before I go out, or the neighbours get really upset! So why not put some thought into the outfit? I got some great advice. Stay away from black, white and grey. The advice came from a woman that encourages other women to dress for their own style and she did not say that ‘No One’ should wear these colours, they are just not the right colours, or lack of colours, for me.

So that is the point. If I choose to wear colours it brings me into a whole new arena of what to wear. I can spin through most clothing stores in a matter of moments. The black and greys make up 85% of the clothing. I only need to slow down if there is a colour on the rack. This saves an enormous amount of time!

Another tool I’ve been using is a colour palate. This is not a template of the colours I MUST wear, it is a guide to the colours that suit my personality. The idea is to choose those outfits that come in colours that resonate with this palate. Picking out nail polish with this colour scheme in mind is a whole new experience.

It has allowed me to get away from the pinks and reds and move into teal, a muted orange and a shimmering brown. These colours match the palate and so they match the clothing that I am choosing, automatically.

Now, unfortunately, I have a gorgeous nail polish on today, that doesn’t yet match anything that I own. It is a high gloss, monochromatic orange that ever so slightly approaches a brown. It is not brown, but it is not ‘bright’ orange either. The biggest decision was, Do I put on a second coat to completely eliminate the possibility of light shinning through the nails, given the wrong lighting? Or, do I stay with a single coat and maximize the shine and finish? I know that I could put a topcoat on, but alas, I’m not likely to do that!

The more coats of nail polish, the longer the whole process takes and you know where I’m going with this, the less likely it will get done at all. So, I’m sending a warning to all of those individuals that are playing with nail polish. It may be a gateway makeup.

2 thoughts on “Nailpolish is a Gateway Makeup

  1. great post!! I completely agree with you – nail polish was my gateway makeup as well ❤


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